Hey there, I’m Lauren Beauchner (beek-nur). I’ve been drawing all my life and was introduced to oil painting in 2008 & it’s the stuff that keeps my blood pumping. I love to bake, I’m a doting cat mother, & most of my inspiration comes from candid moments with loved ones and leafy green plants. I’ve got a million ideas and let them all roam free so if my work looks a little all over the place it’s because I am. 
I love to use my painting knowledge to bring others closer to their creative spirit and help break away from any past toxic art class criticisms. Though most of my work is anchored in a style of realism I've developed over 15 years, my teaching style starts with the basics and I'm more interested in letting you discover how your style wants to develop than showing you how to replicate mine. I aim to hold space for you to feel safe exploring your creative sensitivities and keeping your inner criticisms at bay.
Wanna work together? Shoot me a message, I'd love to hear from you.